Hidden Love
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make it go away

Welcome to Hidden Love.A shrine to Meilin(meiling)and Li(syaoran).I know its not proven that he loves Meilin but we all know deep down he does.And besides I like Meilin better then Sakura.

I am sorry my fans...if I had any.If some one out there who understands tripod could help me,then maybe there would be hope.How do I get rid of this dumb layout.I want a new one but not one tripod has made!!!!

Ok this site is coming down.Here are my reasons
1.Not many ppl like this couple
2.I have no idea what I am doing
3.tripod sucks
4.No one likes the couple
5.I don't watch ccs much
6.I have other sites to work on
7.No one likes the couple
8.I don't feel like updating mainly Bcause reason #2
9.I am runnig out of reasons
10.Mainly no1 likes this couple
So the s/s fans won.I know I shouldn't have gave up but I can't figure tripod out!!! Geocities is way better.


Welcome to one of the only if not the only shrine to Meilin Li and Syaoran Li.

Okay we all know Syaoran likes Sakura but hey its my site i can make it the way I want to.And those who don't think Syaoran and Meilin should not be together don't bother saying that my site Sucks besides YOU DON'T HAVE TO LOOK AT IT



Besides I think Sakura and Tomoyo make a cute *couple*